Mariaelena Morelli

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Mariaelena Morelli is an Italian stylist and creative consultant currently living in Paris. Born and raised in Naples, she moved to Paris in 2011 after studying in Milan for three years. She learned the fundamentals of her craft working as Senior Fashion Editor at Grey Magazine while launching her own career within the industry. She is currently the Fashion Director of ODDA Magazine.

Mariaelena’s aesthetic is effortless and her ideas are rooted in identity, character, and narrative, styling with a sharp attention towards mixing prints and materials to create new silhouettes. She works with international names such as Brianna Capozzi - Carlijn Jacobs - Charlotte Wales - Chaumont–Zaerpour - Fabien Vilrus - Hedvig Jenning - Jesse John Jenkins - Lea Colombo - Leon Mark - Louis Canadas - Nadia Lee Cohen - Roman Goebel - Sam Nixon - Tom Blesch - Vito Fernicola - Zoe Natale Mannella.